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Formado em Marketing pela UNESP e Pós Graduado em Marketing Digital  pela FGV ( Fundação Getúlio Vargas) Palestrante do Evento COMSEO, Responsável pelo Marketing Digital da Komcorp Contabilidade com estratégias de SEO voltado em trazer retorno financeiro para empresa, Gerente de SEO da Insidedigital.
Nas horas vagas Jogo games online e Leio sobre RPG.
Historia laboral
* Komcorp: Develop marketing strategies to increase leads and conversions in the Komcorp services
To elaborate of the executive summary, being analyzed the market in all the aspects. Development of the action of marketing of 2014 with main focus  of services related the accounting, I deal exterior, SPED, management tax. Survey of words key for one better otimization of the site Komcorp.com .br
It analyzes of market, to discover new segments, Brazil level
Otimization from site SEO
Development of lading page, to have increase of the conversions. Campaign of links sponsored, with detailed filters where it will have endorsement in the commercial sector.

* InsideDigital: Strategical elaboration directed in qualified results toward our customers. Development of improvements for the site in case. Responsible for all the structural and organizacional part of content.
Study of competitor and beachmarks, elaboration of quality content. Analysis after implementation measuring appropriate indices of metric KPIS and of analyzes

- ON Page- Off Page- Architecture of information- Link bulding

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