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Freelance VBA, homepage and app developer with good references.
My academical degree is Bc. Mechanical Engineer. The interest of coding started during the studies in 2011. Back then I used it to solve various problems within the field of Engineering. Later I began to make websites and Android apps. I consider myself a quick-learner and early adopter of the newest technologies by following the latest news in gadgets and frameworks. I am always searching the most robust, scalable and best practice way to code.
After my graduation in 2013, I worked until 2017 as a Mechanical Engineer, but the interest- and use of coding was always present in my work and free time. In September 2017 I decided to go freelance and search vacancies and projects where I could use- and extend my coding skills.
Advanced VBA progammer. Developed and supporting a project management application for a 150 employee company.
Developed and released 2 app to Android app store. Cross-platform
Managing 3 websites
Historia laboral
Administrating three CMS-based (Drupal) websites and responsive Bootstrap stylesheets. Homeowner’s association. Forms, info pages, Views Kayak club. Custom rowing protocol based on SQL, PHP and JS. Advanced input form and data analysis represented in graphs. Multi- lingual Promotion- and sales website of one-man company.
Android app
Developing < app > (Alpha listed on Google Play Store).
Multi-platform app utilizing the hardware in the phone such as GPS, camera, internet connection and file system. The user provide information in a form and the data synchronizes with the Google Firebase Services. The next step is to extend the data representation and utilization on the website. The functional programming language is JQuery and the stylesheet is based on Bootstrap.
VBA Ressource Sheet
Developing and maintaining an employee ressource system for my former company (R&D). It is based on VBA and the UI is based forms that inserts data to a Excel workbook. The insertions are cross- sheeted to perform better and faster administra- tion of projects, employees, holidays and company presentations. The system is used by Key Project Managers, Human Ressource, CEO, employees, etc. The system serves a lot of features due to 6 months of development in close collaboration with the users.
Android App
Shared budget application. The user register a payment in its respective budget. The app then outputs dynamically whom are in deficit and makes a calculation of the instant payback status. The app handles all the world’s currencies that are al- ways up to date due to a running Node server that returns currency exchange rates. It has in-app payments integrated.
The functional programming languages are JS and SQL and the stylesheet is based on Bootstrap. The framework allows to publish as cross-platform.

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