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Experiência em programação para as plataformas Android e Java (e os respectivos frameworks JPA, JSF, Facelets, ajax4JSF, Hibernate, Richfaces, Jboss Seam, Spring e VRaptor) , Javascript (Jquery),  PHP (Laravel), engine de games Unity 3D , modeladores 3D Maya e Blender. Fluência intermediária com a língua inglesa.
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* DigitalBox (Internet): Created some Web, Games and Android applications, some projects examples that i participated is:

Adidas campaign web site to the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, in this project i developed a web site to register users that bought some Adidas stuff and after that needs to generate a promotional codes to gain tickets to FIFA soccer games. This site was made with Laravel, a PHP framework.

Another example was a Big Brother Brasil 2014 tv show leader trial, where i made a Android applications that showed a map with a route and a objective, and this app runned on every teams Android tablets. To every objective accomplished, the application showed a new route and a new objective. After the trial, the app outputed a file with the teams trajectories, and simulated this course in another application made by me.

More one interesting example is a Android app to manage the FIFA World Cup 2014 stickers, where the user could see how much stickers he haves, whats stickers he haves more than one or none, beoynd that, the app lets the user see his friends stickers, and trade it. All that is facebook integrated.

And to exemplify a game that i worked, there was a project that needed to migrate a 2D Flash game to Unity3D engine, but keeping the 2D graphics and animations. This was a fun project, because i needed to study CS3 to understand the game logic, and translate it to C#, the animations was another interesting feature, that i accomplished with some Unity3D plugins.

* Eurekatech (Computer Software): Responsible for Android applications, programming and architecture.

Developed and published more than ten applications with more than 250k download.

Worked as game designer and prototyped some apps in Unity3D.

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