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I am a C++ Developer with academic and industrial experience in teaching, consulting, design and implementation of Algorithms and Data Structures, Distributed Systems, Combinatorial Optimization Applications and Scada Systems.

Among my most recent accomplishments I could mention:

-Design and development of a graph-based analyzer of production chains. This system receives as input information about production, input purchases and sales of products from companies and allows, among other things, to examine various upstream and downstream dependencies, to determine production capacity by several categories, to identify productive bottlenecks and monopolies, and to perform demand satisfaction studies

-Architectural design of a distributed system for monitoring remote work (similar to Worksnaps) and full implementation of client tracker, transport protocol (non-HTTP based, which make it more efficient) and a distributed, fault tolerant and scalable, samples' recollector. The recollector is a middleware which efficiently receives the samples of tracker clients and sends metadata to a web front-end and the screenshots to OVH object storage through Open Stack. This development was entirely done in C++ and tracks screenshots and work activities each minute.

-Design and development of a C++ library of algorithms and data structures. Among their most oustanding features are: many containers based on several types of binary trees (AVL, red-black, treaps, etc) and hash tables that exhibit better performance than GNU std::set and std::map, functional style for those containers inspired by the ML standard library and a wide variety of generic algorithms about graphs.

In addition, my academic experience of over 20 years has allowed me to forge a strong critical thinking and has kept me updated with new technologies.

Apart from C++, I have a firm grasp of other programming languages including Ruby ML, R and Spin/PROMELA.

I got my PhD degree at the University Pierre et Marie CURIE, Paris, Frances
Historia laboral
* University of the Andes, Venezuela (Higher Education): Biblioteca genérica y de alto desempeño de algoritmos y estructuras de datos

* Universidad de los Andes (Higher Education): Docencia e investigación en algoritmos, sistemas distribuidos

* University of the Andes, Venezuela (Higher Education): Teaching of Algorithms & Distributed Systems courses

Designer and programmer of computer systems & libraries

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