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Adolfo E. Instalar Mcrypt en servidor Last year
Adolfo E. Mcrypt en Centos 6 2 years ago +

"Rápido y bien."

About me
As a Developer I choose PHP as my weapon of choice and I love programming in it. I like to be part of everything in an application. Deploy, front end, back end, anything that means something interesting, new or challenging.

In the last years I've been focused especially in the use of PHP and integrating data mining with dashboard that allow to customers get insights from their business, also I'm involved in the PHP Venezuela Community as main organizer, you can take a look in

I am passionate about algorithms, software engineering, problem solving and I am very in tune with people around me. I also describe myself as a public speaker, a systems administrator and a physical computing hacker.

I believe that combining my technical and social skills I succeed to fulfill every demanding and challenging project.

Specialties: Full Stack (but more Backend) Web Development with Php, Unit Test entusiast, Linux/OSX.
Work history
* OulalaGames (Entertainment): - Backend/Frontend development of the platform based on a custom-built framework
- programming of a subsystem based on Laravel and Redis
- authentication with a self-hosted YubiKey server
- integration of an e-wallet using REST API
- integration with 3rd party providers (e.g. Mailjet, Google Cloud Storage)

* Freelancing (Self Employed): LAMP and MEAN stacks; architecture, development, PHP >8 years experience

# Languages:
* Primary: JavaScript, PHP
* Secondary: Python, Ruby, Scala

# Frameworks\​technologies:
* Primary: Laravel, NodeJS, Express,, jQuery, Meteor
* Secondary: Symfony, AngularJS, RoR, Django, ReactJs

# Databases:
* Relational: Sqlite, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.
* NoSQL: Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4J

# Other:

# Tools:
* Vagrant, Docker, RabbitMQ, NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Git, Cron

* Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean

# OS:
*NIX, MacOS, Windows

JetBrains products, Sublime Text, Atom

Full-stack web development from scratch. High-load. Optimization. Project management with Atlassian products (admin level).
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