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Poseo una gran capacidad conceptual con excelentes habilidades de diseño, tengo experiencia en las disciplinas tradicionales e interactivas y estoy acostumbrado a tener interacción con el cliente. Trabajo bien con otros miembros del equipo y bajo presión. También estoy dispuesto a horas extras de trabajo y me adhiero a los estándares profesionales en el proceso, los plazos y la conducta.
Historia laboral

Graphic & Web Designer. Marketing Strategist
Dealer Newswire
oct 2012 – Present
Brand development, web site traffic growth & web site UI. Co-Developed brand strategy.

aug 2012 – Present
Brand development, web site traffic growth & web site UI. Co-Developed brand strategy.

  Freelance Graphic & Web Designer
may 2010 – Present
Occassionally, Vin Solutions ( gets in touch with me to help them with some HTML & PhotoShop work.

  Graphic & Web Designer, DB Maintenance, Programmer
Continental Lift Truck
feb 2006 – Present

  Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Online Solutions
eb 2006 – Present
On 2006, I had the opportunity to travel to USA and develop an online forklift serial number search engine at the second biggest lift trucks wholesaler in the States. Later, thanks to a recommendation I manage to work with two more companies under a contract and monthly-fees, customers that today still count with my services and can give details of my work.  Through all this time I’ve been able to develop online invento-ries, search engines, online payment applications, online magazines and many other projects that makes me proud that customers chose me to create a solution for them.   

Freelance Graphic & Web Designer
feb 2011 – Present 

Graphic & Web Designer
Visible Customer
apr 2007 – sept 2008

    Graphic Design Academic Director & Teacher
Grupo System- E-Learning
may 2005 – nov 2005
System was a company that belonged to Grupo Faour (Faour Group) and it was oriented towards giving classes using multimedia & interactive systems, where videos and samples made the students learn by following instructions and step-by-step processes.  When I joined System, they assigned me to work in the sales area, but thanks to my design abilities and taking opportuni-ties to demonstrate my knowledge by creating ads and graphic concepts, I was sent to the academic area. The main issue that System had there was that they didn’t had a person able to create a plan with different assignments the students should see paralell to the interactive system, because the people that payed for this service were not satisfied, so thanks to my experience, I was delegated with the respon-sability of creating this plan of studies, give speechs, tutorials and orientation about marketing and design trends and create projects for the students.   

Graphic & Web Designer
Contacto Creativo
feb 2004 – mar 2005
Contacto Creativo (Creative Contact) was the place where I was able to develop (for good) my design sytle and concepts on graphic & web design. I was involved -just to mention a couple of them- on projects like an online product activation campaign, marketing and design advice for one of the biggest malls in town (Mall del Sol) and an online platform that allows customers check their order status for a Print Company (Poligráfica).  Something I learned here is that websites are not only infor-mation places, thay also can be powerful tools used for process automatization, giving an exta value to the website and making visitors convert to users.  I had to quit this job because my dad had a heart attack and I could not be able to give the proper time to my work.   

Art/Design Director & Development of New Products
aug 2002 – dic 2004
WebBss was my second job and I was hired as a web designer. The objective of this company was to introduce e-commerce -in vain- in Ecuador.  After a year working there, I was promoted to Art/Design Director having four designers at my disposition and also the responsabilty of creating new products, just to mention a couple: Ke!Dato, a web portal that included general interest articles, very similar to a magazine but had the chance of visitors register as users and have some benefits like a web messenger, their own website and add other friends to the previously mentioned tools.  I stopped working at WebBss not by my decition, neither my boss’s choice. The company closed in a blink of an eye.

  Web Designer
Hospital Clínica Kennedy
jan 2000 – aug 2002
My first job was working at the Hospital Kennedy here in Guayaquil. I was still in high school but was sent there to complete an internship program. I was just learning how to create websites and I had the assignment of re-designing their page structure. With time, I had better designs and style and was able to develop two projects that were my ideas: The first one was an online guide with all the doctor’s offices and the second one was a photo gallery of all the babies born in Hospital Kennedy and was updated each month.

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