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Systems Engineer with a Masters in Project Management. More than 6 years experience in the Oil & Gas sector. Performing evaluation activities, management, monitoring, and control of projects. I am seeking a vacancy that allows me to collaborate in project management, directing my efforts to physical and budgetary control to promote the business strategy of the company.

• Implemented together, process control based on WBS, which allowed control aumenter annual budget project area greater .de Pacific Rubiales Energy.

• Support the creation and standardization of WBS area larger projects, ensuring synchrony between physical implementation and budget execution.

• Develop an application for quick and effective economic evaluation of a project in its stage display.

• I made a program database which facilitated obtaining reports on variables that previously could not be evaluated. molded to the needs of Pacific Rubiales Energy.

• Achieve together, standardize how to report the progress of projects and interezados customer.

• Recognition in the journal Pacific News com element change manager.

• Creation of the company VHNGROUP focused on the security industry and automation. Able to generate sustainable employment for various family members.
Historia laboral
* VHNGROUP Tecnología Automatizando su Hogar. (Security & Investigations): Making decisions together about the direction and status of projects, according to information provided by the team, looking for a positive balance in cash, time and customer satisfaction.
Identification of potential suppliers of innovative technologies and fast implementation.

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