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I was encouraged to take my passion to the next level and I'm ready to take yours too. 

Who am I? I'm Carolina Composto. A professional dancer who has been traveling around the world last year, seeking for inspiration. Business and art... who says it's impossible to combine them? 

So, why I'm working as an editor if I'm a dancer? Well, dancing gave me the most amazing experiences in my life, but also helped me to create a new way to tell stories. That's why I invested a lot of years since I'm a child learning new techniques to make the audience feel and see the world the way I do.

That simple hobby became a passion and now I can offer the best creative content with my own personal style, my sensitive view of the world and my inexhaustible curiosity to always learn something new. Plus, I'm Argentinian. Random, I know, but I assure you have to be much more creative here where everything is even three times harder! 

Traveling around the world pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and now, I'm not only very experienced in the creative world, but I can easily empathize with different cultures to give them what they exactly want. 

My main tools are two: STORYTELLING and EDITION aiming to create content that make the audience connect emotionally. Once you have your client engaged emotionally, you can make him take the decisions you want. As an artist, my entire life is related to feelings and my Marketing & Advertising Degree helped me to connect both in a perfect way. 

Why my work is different? I'm very interested in edition, but first I need to know more about the story in order to make the right content for the right person. 

If you think my skills fits with your idea, and we can both be inspired and mutually influenced with a win-win relation, contact me using one of the buttons at the top of the page. I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP. I hope we can make something REMARKABLE together. I have a lot to communicate and I'm pretty sure you too. 

Ready to make the right decision? 

Cheers, Caro.
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