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Resume Letter Eros M.Lima [Kama-Deva]:

Strong multi-tasking skills, develop all time, create critical thinking for solve problems, desire and flexibility to learn and grow in a fast-speed and dynamics environment, track, analysis and communicate KPI's controls, quantitative metrics and business trends as they related to partner relationship, deep knowledge of the process and controls about business and operational issues business like banks, industries, farms, energy, oil and gas, labour and audit;

Exceptional communication and presentation skills, ability to clarify and summarize complex issues,
excellent project management experience, with the ability to lead and handle multiple time-sensitive
cross functional projects, determination to think strategically about complex issue, leading to thoughtful recommendations.

Highly result oriented, motivated and dedicated external financial auditor with a proven ability in managing and controlling financial data and thorough knowledge of both I.F.R.S. and U.S. G.A.A.P. Multitasking, possessing excellent organizational, interpretational and communication skills and abilities. Working with a functional advanced english and fluency portuguese expertise, with a little help of the corrector and web researches providing services for more than 13 Years with a progress career building a solid and strong professional background since my bachelor degree in accounting sciences (2004-2017).

"High Excellence Performance for Hard Work and Extensive Studies"
Historia laboral
Consultancy services whens required.

Jobs in social media, powerfull linkedin profile, with marketing and academic research for orientation, professional and spiritual guide, advertising, technical translation services, microblogging, writing, editing, proofreading, logo, web designer (photoshop), audio editing and temporary manual labor (sound and light system expertise) in events of japanese tourism (at BKC produtions).

Project Professional Outplacement (or Optimization) by International Academic Research

Consult me any time, full schedule. Services by functions combine with complexity of plan execution. Instruction of more than 100 students and top professionals (2004-2016), highlights on internet and big fours interns programs +5 years in coach and tutoring teenager volunteer project.

Providing services for more than 12 years of experience work in business making continuing Higher education courses for execute tasks like:

a-Manual and automatic entries, b-account analyses reviews, c-systems integration, monthly close,
d-internal and external audit support, e-advanced financial statements confection, f-explain all changes in the group, g-review erp process and remake them. Last jobs at:

*EY (2008-2011) | Nextel|BKC (2012)> Sacho|RNV|Novex (2013|2014)> Team|IBOPE|HSR (2015) and Martinelli (2016).

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