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IT professional with ten years of experience in the financial cards, working on big projects, big companies, with a focus on coordination, accompaniment implementation and analysis (requirements, risks, impact), lifting scope of the project, meeting with client, monitoring life cycle of the project from the beginning, since meeting quickof until the deployment phase and the pilot phase.
Interpersonal relationships with teams involved in the project.
During this period of ten years, I work in analysis and language development in C / C + + and I also work in university, teaching these languages ​​at UNIP for undergraduates.
Developed and applied a methodology, based on my experience, assuming that the company is still young and had no clear processes very well.
In previous company, acted as support to the product manager, performing time estimate and effort of projects, analysis of technical feasibility, development of functional and technical specification, including data modeling.
Performed control project execution in the software factory ran, giving all the necessary technical support for the development of the project.
Had full autonomy to conduct projects that were assigned to me, even had complete freedom to conduct meetings with clients.
Each project in preparation had a follow-up meeting weekly to update status and tasks.
In college, I studied two years PMBOOK in the field of Software Engineering.
The theme of my work for completion of course (CBT) has been focused in two areas of knowledge PMBOOK, time management and project cost management of projects, including part search, essay and presentation for teachers USP.

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