Fernando N.

UI/UX Designer and Graphic Designer

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Programación y Tecnología

Sobre mí
W3Schools Certified Professional HTML/XHTML/CSS

IxDA Interaction Design Association.

Wordpress Developer - Kodame
PHP basic - Playcode
Development ePubs (Digital Publications)
UX User Experience - LiveWork Internacional / São Paulo
Information Architecture - Institute of Interaction Design / Faber Ludens Curitiba
Interface Iphone/Ipad for Designers – Intituto of Interactive Arts / IAI São Paulo
Customized systems developed in JSP and JSF
Interface Design - Arteccom
Web Standards - HTML 5 and CSS3 - W3C Brazil
XHTML and CSS - FIR College
XML - FIR College
Study directed JavaScript and JQuery
Study directed the development of apps for iPhone with Adobe Flash(AS3)
Game Flash Developer / AS3 - I2 Technology
ActionScript 3.0 Advanced - Imedia Recife
Formation Adobe Flash CS3 - Imedia Recife
Graphic Computer (Corel | PhotoShop | Indesign) - Serte Info
Historia laboral
* Frooid - Connecting Minds: frooid.com | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh5DR6XmKBE


Sometimes we see someone who clearly needs some kind of help. Sometimes the problem is clear to ourselves, and we know how to solve it.

Who never gave a friendly word and felt better than the person who received it?
Or who got a comforting word from some stranger.
It was thinking of those people that the Frooid social network was created.

Interact with users who need help or who care about doing something for others. And how can we participate? By interacting and sharing some of our experiences.

The social network Frooid was created to be a link between who needs psychological help and who are willing to help, aiming to improve people's GNH, by advices, coaching and profissional assistance.

Supporting people who are looking for psychological help.
Providing Human development through coaching, training and profissional assistance(Psychologists).
Creating a Professional network of people capable to improve quality of life from people all over the world.

Frooid provides an interaction focused on problems resolution through features such as posts and real time chats. You can customize your profile by Choosing your photo and background image based on your mood.

By each interaction who is helped score the helper from 1 up to points. The helpers accumulate points which over time are turned into medals that classify the helper as: First Steps, Adiverser,Guide,Mentor and Guru.

There are also: Groups of discussion Online lectures regarding human and spiritual development where the users are allowed to watch and make questions through text messages List of psychologists near you. Online sessions with psychologists

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