Jorge L. A.

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Soy una persona con ganas que siempre intenta hacer lo mejor de lo que se viene y siempre positivo.
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-March 2011 - Present

Toyota Argentina

Zarate, Provincia de Buenos Aires - Argentina

Automotive Industry

After sales Marketing Responsible

After sales communication diagramming, planning and implementation for the Argentinean automotive market; Direct communication with internal costumers (Dealers Net), understanding and negotiation of future marketing actions according to their needs and market tendencies; Price analysis for the accessories market; Financial annual planning for marketing actions and national communications.


-May 2009 – October 2010

ITCA - Compliance Association

Curacao, Nederland Antilles

License Management Services

Senior Researcher

Direct contact and report to customers reporting market statuses in relation to sales and license compliance; Analysis, interpretation and data processing; Formulating customized reports and recommend plans of actions according to previous research; Regional performance presentations; Information flow and market research for Greece, Turkey, Israel, France, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil; Guidance for other team members in the mentioned markets for different products; Cooperation with internal customers


-Work and Travel in Europe

August 2007 – October 2008

Curiosity and the desire to explore drove me to a great experience travelling across Europe. In this period of time I worked in various capacities, not directly related to my profession but which were gratifying and both personally and professionally . This has allowed me to have a different perspective and insight which I am keen to apply in my professional field. This diversity has increased my ability to understand and adapt to different cultures, being able to develop within them.

-Sept 2005  – August 2007

Correo Argentino S.A.

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Specialized in Taylor made logistic (B2B) and post.

Marketing logistic coordinator / Marketing analyst

Planning, developing, implementation and control of logistic operations; Group managing, logistic team of  10 persons; Price setting and costs evaluation; Inventory  management and stock control (SAP); Monitoring and maintaining stock level; Monthly forecasts developing and presentation; Sales backup on inventory and stock levels; Quantitative and qualitative market variables analysis research and processing; Marketing internal presentations; Planning, developing and implementation of marketing actions for trade and retail; Brand communication B to B; Events organization; Merchandising coordinator; Email marketing, customer service and support; Technical support to other internal areas in contact.
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