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I love to make things happen - and I'm really good at this :)

I've been working with marketing for over 10 years, going from multinational companies to start ups. I feel really comfortable working in different environments, new challenges and changes are what moves me - I'm really motivated to be in fast-paced work places.

During this time, I've developed skills in different areas, such as:
- Community Management
- Social media content creation
- Social Media Management
- Strategic planning and media presence
- Social Media Monitoring and results analysis
- Brand management
- Market analysis
- Team management and development
- Product launch (planning, development, execution)
- Project management (from events to strategic business plans)

I consider myself a really pro-active person and a true maker when it comes to reach targets and face new opportunities. Committed and passionate for what I do. I truly believe that great people together doing what they love, having the right coaching and structure, can bring up the best results and reach higher levels in anything they are up to - I'm a great enthusiast of teamwork and more human relations in the workplace.
Historia laboral
* Rio 2016 - Comitê Organizador dos Jogos Olímpicos e Paralímpicos (Sports): Community manager Spanish & English for the official Rio 2016 social media profiles Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Content planning, development & creation; Content calendar creation; Events coverage, Live tweeting; Interaction with users; Monitoring, metrics analysis  and validation, monthly reports.

Twitter: @Rio2016_en / @Rio2016_es
Facebook: Rio 2016
Instagram: Rio 2016
Google + : Rio 2016
Snapchat: Rio 2016
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