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Gained more than 8 years of experience in the field of software development and network administration, especially for tourism and real estate industries.

Experience in team working to create software systems administration, internal operations of large enterprises.

Creation of sites of medium and high complexity on different frameworks and content management systems.

Working with projects with high load, both server and client technologies, version control systems.

Experience in web server configuration.

Programming languages: PHP5-7, JavaScript, ES6, FORTRAN, C, C++.

Databases: MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDb.

Frameworks: Zend Framework, Symfony2, Laravel, Yii, Silex, Express, Codeigniter, Drupal.
CMS: MODx, Drupal, Joomla!, Wordpress.

Technology: html, css, less, scss, Smarty, Twig, Blade, Jquery, ajax, bootstrap, doctrine2, xml, xslt, apache 2(installation and configuration), nginx, git, svn, ssh, linux, memcache, Elasticsearch, Beanstalk, Sphinx, phpStorm, xdebug, node.js, Backbone, Angular, Marionette, Chaplin, Meteor.js.
Historia laboral
•AS Mogo, Riga (2016.08 - 2017.03)
Designation: PHP Software Programmer
Responsibilities: Support https://mogo.pl/, https://mogo.lv, https://mogo.lt, https://mogo.ee, https://mogo.ge, https://mogo.ro, Full-stack, Zend Framework 2, Postgresql, Beanstalk, Mysql.

•SIA Kodex, Riga (2016.02 – 2016.07)
Designation: Middle Software Programmer
Responsibilities: Creation https://urlaubsglueck.com/ Social networks, Frontend and Backend, Laravel, PHP7, Bootstrap, MYSQL 5.7, ES6.

•II Arcanas, N.Akmene (2014.03 - present time)
Designation: Senior Software Programmer, Co-founder
Responsibilities: Support  http://svod.org  CA, USA
Creation javascript modules for http://kiwitaxi.com .
Working in a team of programmers to create a UI for display information from social networks aggregators (http://www.ubermetrics-technologies.com/, https://www.quintly.com/, http://www.socialbakers.com/) for Viessmann Group (http://www.viessmann.com/).
Creation websites for consumers in Baltic States such as http://adriatour.lv, http://adria.lv, http://montenegro.lv (Symfony2, contractor SIA Adriatour, Riga), http://akmenes-nt.lt ( Symfony2  contractor Akmenės Nekilnojamas Turtas, UAB).
Social network for beer lovers (Yii2 contractor - Fastweb ltd, Moscow)
Mobile version http://visidarbi.lv framework Symfony2, contractor SIA Efumo SSC.
•Individual Entrepreneur  Skorokhod M.,
Volgograd, Russian Federation (2012- present time)
2012.10 - 2013.05 - Working in a team of programmers to create a data management system for one of the Russia's largest travel company - operator of tours in Scandinavia, North and South America. http://jazztour.ru (Yii, contractor – Jazztour Ltd, Moscow);
2013.06 - 2013.09 - created website http://thespacerepublic.com (Yii, contractor Online Casino Ltd, Costa-Rica);
2013.10 – 2014.05 - Technical support of a large group of sites (about 50), changes in the code and refactoring (Drupal, Joomla, Yii, Modx, HostCms, Bitrix, etc contractor Intelstep Ltd, Moscow http://intelstep.ru )
2014.06 – 2014.11 - Working in a team of programmers to create a data management panel for the trading system of Russian Association of Sellers of Electrotechnical products http://catalog.raec.su (Yii).
•Transrealty, Kiev (2009–2012) http://mojdom.com.ua
Designation: Software Programmer
Responsibilities: Creating and technical support of real estate agency`s site.

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