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I've worked at several places during my still short career. I began working at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, as system manager in the Centre for Bioinformatics. There, I gave my first steps into the world of science, or better, into the life of an engineer working in science. At this centre, I made my first laboral contacts and also some very good friends. I learned developing web services using the C# programming language over the mono platform (Linux's support for .NET). Also, I learned some new programming languages, such as Javascript and Python; while making my first contact with templates in C++.

Then, I moved to Temuco and worked in a very successful research center, recently formed in that region, called Centro de Genómica Nutricional Agroacuícola (Agriaquaculture Nutritional Genomics Center). I worked in tasks mainly related to the analysis of genomic sequences. I learned to assemble sequences, to annotate them and to detect polymorfirms such as SSRs and SNPs, among other analyses.

In 2011 I returned from Canada to Chile, to begin my definitive career as a Bioinformatics Engineer. I have developed some tools to facilitate the simulation of complex systems using rule based modeling. Today, I'm involved in several research projects in which I contribute with my biology's understanting and programming skills.

I declare my interest in the development of informatic solutions designed to help the scientific labor.
Certifications (2)
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Python 2.x Test 2013 78% 74% Passed
Linux Test 2013 90% 92% Passed
Work history
* Data Conversion Service SA (Information Technology and Services) [desde 3/2013]: Desarrollo Web para clínica estética. Encargado del módulo de toma de horas con un alto nivel de complejidad: optimización del uso de recursos, sobrecupos, listas de espera, programación de múltiples atenciones médicas (tratamientos). Programación usando el framework Yii. DCS pone en práctica el model CMMI.

* buscalibre.com (Internet) [desde 10/2012]: Search Engine Optimization, AB Testing, Google Analytics related software development

* DLab (Research) [desde 8/2012]: Applications development for stochastic modeling of biological systems and consultant for the development of general software.

* Centro de Genómica Nutricional Agroacuícola (Biotechnology) [desde 8/2010]: Genomics for Lupinus luteus (yellow lupin), Brassica napus (rapseed canola) and Linum usitatissimum (flax). Annotation pipelines of NGS data.

* Centro de Bioinformática de la Universidad Católica (Research) [desde 3/2009]: web services development, system management, scripting for bioinformatics.
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