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Anderson J.

MBA Design Thinking na Instituto Infnet

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Historia laboral
* Instituto Infnet (Higher Education): Pós Graduação

* First Class (Arts and Crafts): Programação Visual e Webdesigner
(Desenvolvimento de marca, aumento do tráfego de sites, interface de usuário de sites e receita de publicidade. Desenvolvimento de sistemas de estatística e estratégia de marca.)

* Painting Workshop (Sports): Construction and language interface. Asp, css and
· / visualizar_Portfolio.html (Portfolio Creation and
updating of the site)
· (Create banners, website maintenance and
organizing photos to showcase and improve layout)

* Freelancer (Computer & Network Security) [desde 7/2011]: Programação Visual

* Nova Bossa (Internet) [desde 9/2010]: · Visual Programming Projects (Information, Newsletter, Banners, Ads)
· Evaluation of content to be published;
· I also part with the analytic analytic companies; · participate in major decisions of content to be published on the website
interface as photos, ads and interface improvements.

* Ipanema (Computer Networking) [desde 4/2008]: Responsible for
the photographic material of the Faculty.
Position: Photographer
Main responsibilities:
· Photographs of events and lecture series organized by Univercidade;
· Treatment of Images to be posted on the website and print media;
· Teamwork with studio photography;

Painting Workshop - Partners Migue and Daniel - Painting

* Photo Lab (Univercidade - Ipanema) (Sports) [desde 3/2008]: Producer Socícais Project supported by the Instituto Votorantim, Lamsa,
River City, Coca Cola and others. Projects Lawnmower Man, Culture and
Way of the Short Square
Position: Graphic Designer and Webdesigner
· Visual Programming Projects;
· Evaluation of content to be published and graphic designs;
· Organization Web interface;
· Attendance at the Art Director of Projects Gráficoas;

* Cotton fabrics (Sports) [desde 1/2005]: Main responsibilities:
· Paintings cotton);
· Sales and Marketin Hippey at the fair in Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro) in the
Southern Region, focusing on the sale of the international market;

Department of the Army - Training and Improvement Board - the public
body responsible for the administrative headquarters of subordinate

* Banco do Brasil S/A (Think Tanks) [desde 1/1994]: Trabalho com arquivos de cadastro de clientes

* Atêlier de Pinturas (Real Estate) [desde 1/1992]: Pinturas sobre algodão (tinta para tecido) e pinturas em tela (tinta acrílica).

* · Paintings of cotton clothing (Sports) [desde 1/1992]: Main responsibilities:
· Responsible for reporting emititdos subordinate agencies, distribution
(refund, exchange, service).
Painting Workshop -; Painting Workshop.
Position: Painter
Main responsibilities

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