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Who I am: 
- A Bolivia-born Brazilian with an American background, I have Portuguese, English, and Spanish as my native languages. Raised by two passionate entrepreneurs, I have developed a great interest for business development and innovation, while harnessing my love for the arts and creating communities.  I have attained over 5+ years of experience as a business consultant, digital marketer and new business development executive, having advised organizations ranging from startups to renowned multi-nationals, governmental entities and hyperlocal SMEs, in marketing and business processes. 

Main Achievements & Projects in MKT:
- Raised digital brand awareness and developed digital presence  for over 2 multi-national companies and over 7 SMEs,  including the Commercial Divison of the Korean Embassy in Rio de Janeiro and Procurement Garage.
- Developed visual communication for trade marketing events including the Korean House during the 2016 Olympics.
- OnMogul collaborator for digital media creaetion
- Development of collective blog @EnnuiBrasil

Main Achievements & Projects in Other Areas:
- Participated as certified Coupa Implementation Analyst (eProcurement software) in one of pioneer projects at a multi-national distilled beverages company.
- Participated in the negotiation of trade deals within public organizations between Korea and public Brazilian entities.

Web development and graphic design, SEO, UI & UX, system analysis, business analysis and consulting, audience development and engagement,  audience Development, social media MGMT and reporting
Historia laboral
Desenvolvimento de Sites - |

* Mogul Inc. (Internet): I was invited to become a collaborator in 2015 after publishing an article in a well-known online blog. I now write creative articles in the lifestyle and entreprenurship industries in the hopes of motivating and helping women move towards their career goals.

* Procurement Garage (Logistics & Supply Chain): In this role, I have provided assessment of business scenarios in the procurement sector for the transformation of P2P processes, contemplating the advisory and implementation of eProc tools such as Coupa and IValua solutions.

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