Mohan M. freelancer experto en Amazon Web Services, Django, Python

Mohan M.

Seeking new opportunities in Vancouver, BC area

Programación y Tecnología

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Sobre mí
.Mohan likes to automate things and has a passion towards distributed systems and scalability. He is a Python savvy and likes to code a lot. His keen interests are algorithms and open source. 

Excelling in communication, understanding different cultures and possessing a passionate personality, Mohan is currently looking for Full Time opportunity in the software domain.

•    Programming: Python,Java.
•    Development tools: Apache SOLR, Jinja2, Redis, RabitMQ, Celery.
•    Databases: MySQL, Oracle DB, Cassandra.
•    Web Severs: Apache.
•    Web Frameworks: Django
•    Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Macintosh.
•    Services: Amazon Web Services ,Google App Engine.
Historia laboral
* Rackspace, the #1 managed cloud company (Information Technology & Services): CDN Migration
Developed a migration tool to move services/users from OpenStack Rackspace CDN to AWS Cloud Front.
This project involved coding intensively using the following AWS services:
• CloudFront
• S3
• Lambda
• Elastic BeanStalk
• CloudWatch
• EC2

CDN Billing/Metrics
Developed software to crunch numbers (metrics) from very large log files for generating usage      report and bill customers based on the resources used.
• The tools used were Apache Spark, RabbitMq.

Author and core contributor to Canary, a monitoring tool for OpenStack Taskflow.
• Uses, taskflow to monitor taskflow’s jobs and tasks on the zookeeper backend.
• Uses, Redis as the backend cache and tipboard to render the UI.

Core contributor to Poppy, OpenStack CDN.
Develop code, write patches, squash bugs and maintain workflow using OpenStack gerrit.
• Major contribution involves developing a highly available and RESTFULL multithreaded
RabbitMQ client to parse logs (over 1 GB/hr) and deliver metrics data to an API endpoint.

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