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Sobre mí
Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years of expertise and experience in Product Engineering (Research and Development),
Experimental Engineering, Process Engineering and Tooling areas.
• Knowledge in Vehicle Research and Development parts as White Body metal parts/ Plastic body parts / Insulators NVH parts /
Suspension and Chassis parts.
• Supply chain Research and Development;
• Responsible engineer by new products development programs according to APQP (Advance Product Quality Planning) and Cost
Reduction Programs in products and existing process from the product design preparation to validation and approval production
(SOP – Start Of Production) and assembly tests on the customers (OEMs).
• Knowledge in CAD softwares CATIA V5, Solidworks and AutoCAD.
• Knowledge in CAE softwares ABAQUS, Hypermesh, Ansys (Beginner user).
• Lean Six Sigma Projects coordinator: focus on cost reduction and reduced process variability - Green Belt Certified: Run-out
reduction variability on commercial vehicles wheels 22,5”x8,25” and 22,5”x7,50”.
• Knowledge in process as tool dies (cutting, bending and drawing process), Welding, Machining and painting, as well as its testing
and validation process.
• Knowledge in carmakers standards and Spec Test procedures as well as statutory and regulatory requirements (SAE, ASME,
• Experience in multidisciplinary team coordination of technicians and Testing Laboratory jobs in Research, Product Development
and Validation of automotive suspension and steering for light vehicles, utilities and commercial vehicles.
Historia laboral
* Honda Automóveis do Brasil (Indústria automotiva): R&D Engineer - Body-Exterior Group Parts Designer CAD/CAE
HRB-S / 4W: Honda Research Brazil - Sumaré-SP - 4 Wheels
Vehicle Design Knowledges:
•    Exterior parts: Front /Rear Doors / Tailgates / Trunks / Stiffners / Sashs / Patchs / Hinges / Latchs&Cables / Strikers and others sub-parts;
•    White Body parts designer: Press / Welding parts > Front Bulkhead / Outside Panel / Brackets / Stiffiners / Beam / A-B-C Pillar parts / Cross and Beam parts / etc.;
•    Plastic parts designer: Side Garnish parts / Front Grille parts / etc;
•    NV parts: Insulators / Mastic / Meltsheets / Baffle-Separator parts;
•    CATIA V5: Part design / Generative Surface Design / Assembly Design / Functional Tolerance & Annotation / Generative Structural Analysis (CAE) / 2D for 3D Lay-Out (View and Section details) / 2D Drawing issue procedures / etc.

Research and Development New Vehicle steps using CATIA V5 (3D/2D):
•    Virtual Vehicle Lay-Out check;
•    Feasibility studies (Sections / Clearance / Strokes / Functions / A-Requirements / Tests / etc.);
•    Serviceability  virtual check;
•     New Vehicles Static and Dynamic check with Vehicle Research members;
•    Technical Evaluation check;
•    Manufacturing process meeting checks / GENBA;
•    Quality process check;
•    Safety process check;
•    Purchasing department and Quality Development department - Members team support;
•    New Local Supplier development;
•    Cost reduction (VA);

Manufacturing Process knowledges:
•    Press / Stamping parts process (Progressive / Transfer / Tandem – Cutting, Piercing, Bending, Drawing/Rist process);
•    Welding process (Spot Welding / MIG / etc.);
•    Painting process (Rinse/ E-coat-ED/Primer/Top-Coat/etc);
•    Assembly process: Exterior / Interior / Wire / Chassis / Suspension / etc;
•    Final Inspection tests and check;

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