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Marketer with over 4 years of expertise in Market Research, Data recollection, interpretation and analysis for Qualitative and Quantitative purposes. Strong background on IT, Pharma, Home and Retail industries. Proficient in the use of Nielsen tools, instruments and indexes for Marketing tasks and Social Media and Corporate Communications. Master of 5 foreign languages.

Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Consumer Insights, Leads generation, Commercial Activities, Sales Pipeline and Funnel and Alternative Channel readiness are some of the fields I've been mostly challenged at.

I think of myself as a responsible, hard worker (specially under pressure), planning and strategic designer, forward-viewer, believer in the big picture ahead-person. Analytic and expert on consumer and business intelligence for goals completion, I seek to belong to an organization compelling with my passion and a hard-school where I can work at.
Historia laboral
Customer & Marketing Coordinator                     Nordstern Technologies – Cybersecurity, IT
January 14-Currently
Main accomplishments:
-Creation and alignment of the Marketing according to ISO27000 and ISO20000 standards
-Demand generation and consumer loyalty on digital channels and PR, with profits above last year
-Design and execution of strategies with IT developers for: demand, accelerating accounts closure and branding.
-Design, implementation and growth of social media mix and digital channels as a sales platform
-Strategic content creation (Content Marketing) for digital use (Inbound Marketing)
-Alignment with sales forecast, pipelines and support in closure of organic accounts and processes (with government or corporate)
-Design and realization of marketing research and Brand Equity strategies into multidisciplinary teams
-Area Budget management: delivery of monthly and semestral reports; increase of 230% on contacts and demand through digital channels.

Regional contents administrator and Marketing            ZenoRadio– New York, Telecom and Radio
February 12-November 12
Main accomplishments:
-Design, implementation, growth and training of the social media mix (Community Management)
-Interest generation and demand generation in Latin market in USA. 72% in 2 Quartiles
-Executive negotiation with radio broadcasters. Commercial exchanges. Closure of 23 accounts
-Strategic audio-visual content creation (Content Marketing) and special events
-Receive and process reports from 4 people in charge
Market Research and Translation-Freelance    Market Research Agencies Mexican Association (AMAI)
January 09-Currently
Main accomplishments:
-Moderation, analysis, report and presentation of market studies, qualitative and quantitative
-Revision, translation and creation of selection filters, NSE levels, index and error margin sample
-1on1 interviews, digital, focus groups, Eyetracking and Neuromarketing tools use
-Findings report: Thorgensson model, insights, stages, channel assessment, RTB and briefings

Marketing Consultant                                 BTL Communication – Paris, Agency
January 07-May 08
Main accomplishments:
-BTL, ATL and 2.0 Marketing for accounts in the Pharmaceutical and Retail sector
-Localization campaigns, Guerrilla Marketing, Mistery Shopper coordination, presentation and testing labs of products
-Consultancy for accounts in branding, packaging, corporate identity and colour theory
-Briefings with the client and consultants, interpretation of sessions, focus groups and statistical reports
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