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Abdulah H.

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I do web development and web scraping/automation. Some of the technologies I use include: JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, TypeScript, Express.js, Mongoose.js, HTML, CSS, Angular, jQuery, Git, Electron, Redux etc.

You can check out my CV here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gd-8-Cl5Ms0lEya2mA20rsbkRWU4onMHwmiugBwZQYc/edit?usp=sharing, my portfolio page here: https://hamzicabdulah.github.io, and also my GitHub profile here: https://github.com/hamzicabdulah, in case you have some extra time.
Historia laboral
I've been working as a freelancer since June, 2017. My experience with freelance projects so far involves:
- developing Full-Stack web applications
- developing Web crawlers/scrapers/bots
- developing Slack chat bots
- developing Chrome extensions
- developing cross-platform Desktop applications

I've also been working with a company named CinchBucks for a few months, where my job involved fully implementing various new features to the core web application and working with multiple popular third-party APIs.

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