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Fashion, Textile & Surface Pattern Design

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Hello there! I'm interested in commissions, freelance work, and licensing opportunities.

I am...
Motivated and passionate: I love what I do!
Friendly and enthusiastic: I like working with people and being part of a team in which you can act actively and independently.
A problem solver: I'm very good at identifying challenges and proposing solutions.
Intellectually curious: I like to be challenged mentally. I'm a quick learner and easily adapt based on my knowledge.
A perfectionist: I'm detail, quality, and results oriented.

Areas of Interest: pattern, design, textiles, printing + dyeing, children illustration, fashion, stationery, typography, graphic design, hand-drawing.
Historia laboral
AUG 2015 - Present // MONSHULS - for genuine pet lovers® (Founder + Creative Director) // Bogota
After years of freelancing in Italy and my recent return to my home country Colombia, I decided to launch my own label: MONSHULS - for genuine pet lovers®. MONSHULS is the world's pioneer in generating experiences that reaffirm the love bonds between our pets and us, through the use of bright, happy and whimsical patterns and illustrations on creative, original and striking design products and services.

OCT 2015 - Present //  CASATINTA (Teacher) // Bogota
Conception, design, development, and execution of the Manual and Digital Textile Design Workshops.

AUG 2012 - Present //  MAJOBV (Surface Pattern Design Freelance Designer) // Milan
MaJoBV is a quirky, whimsical and happy fashion, textile + surface pattern design brand.
- We do Surface Pattern Design for fashion, textiles, crafts, stationery, and/or homewares.
- We've designed artwork to use on tech-gadgets for brands like Artscase, Kekacase and Pattern Observer.

JUN 2013 - Present // (Design Teacher) // Online
Conception, design, development, and implementation of the series of online Surface Design courses: Reign Repeats.

SEP 2014 - SEP 2015 // LAURA METKE HANDMADE JEWELRY (Social Media Manager) // Bogota
- Curate relevant content to reach the company’s ideal customers.
- Create, curate, and manage all published content (images, video and written).
- Monitor, listen and respond to users in a “Social” way.
- Oversee design (ie: Facebook Timeline cover, profile pic, thumbnails, ads, landing pages, Twitter profile, and blog).
- Design, create and manage promotions and Social ad campaigns.

MAY - JUN 2013 //  SAHA Swimwear (Consultant) // Bogota
Study and evaluation of the brand and its design department with the aim of organizing and structuring better the development and production of their collections.

JUL 2010 - AUG 2012 // LA PÂTISSERIE DES IDÉES ( Freelance Fashion Designer) // Milan
Design and manufacture of tailor-made garments for private clients.

OCT 2010 - JUL 2012 // OPENMINDS (Language Teacher) // Milan
Kids and adults English and Spanish teacher.

JUL - SEP 2011 // AGRODOLCE S.r.l. (Freelance Accessorie Designer) // Milan
Market and trends research, and design of accessories for high-tech devices.

JUN - JUL 2007 & JUN - AUG 2011 // NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (Teacher's Assistant) // Milan
Teacher's Assistant of the Fashion Design Department's Summer courses: Fashion Design, Development a Fashion Collection & Textile Design Techniques.

JUL 2007 - MAY 2011 // JIL SANDER (Retail Associate) // Milan
Design and production of the collections' presentation boards (references, materials, and colors) during sales campaigns.

MAY 2009 - JUN 2010 // MUSANI S.r.l.  (Fashion Designer) // Milan
- Design and development of the different evening gown collections for women.
- Responsible of the fitting tests.
- Responsible of tracking product development.
- Styling during photoshoots for the catalogs' production.

MAY 2008 - OCT 2009 // NUMA PLAYGROUND S.r.l.  (Freelance Designer) // Milan
- Creation and development of the illustrations for a new clothing label.
- Creation, development and manufacture of the brand's embroidered brand.
- Creation of illustrations for merchandising products for other clients.
- Tag Design for their new label.

APR 2008 - MAY 2008 // MUSE MAGAZINE (Production Assistant) // Milan
- Contacting talent agencies.
- Researching and contacting locations for photoshoots.
- Contact press offices.

JUN - JUL 2006 // CAREBLAIR (Freelance Designer) // Canada
Logo and postcards design for the launch of their first collection of children's clothing.

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