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We are a mobile and web development company located in Brasil. We have more than 3 years of experience and we have worked in more than 10 mobile applications  (for both Android, iOS, and hybrid development using Ionic) and multiple web systems (APIs, dashboards, websites).


Somos uma empresa de desenvolvimento web e mobile. Atuamos a mais de 3 anos no segmento e já trabalhamos em mais de 10 projetos mobile (Android, iOS e desenvolvimento híbrido em Ionic) e em diversos projetos web. Temos experiência em sistemas SAAS (pagamento recorrente) e trabalhamos também com treinamentos in company (já tendo ministrado treinamentos para empresas como Banco do Brasil, Senai, TRT e Grupo RPC)

Historia laboral
[Android] [iOS] – Revista SEBRAE
Magazine application for SEBRAE entrepreneurship magazine. It provides a mobile version of the Revista SEBRAE magazine along with member signature and sharing features.

[Android] – CPC Facilex
Application designed to show  the Brasilian Civil Law Code. It shows a comparative between the old code (1973) and the new code (2015) along with fluxograms of the most common law procedurementes.

[Android] [iOS]– Rock Food
Point of sale and delivery system for restaurants. Has applications for waiters, customers, and cash desk. Makes possible for the establishment to serve his local customers and also perform delivery sales using the application.

[Android] [iOS]– Business Management
Application designed for small companies
aimed at solving problems of management and performance. 
It contains productivity modules , financial management modules, accounting modules, customer management modules and supplier and product modules. It also includes interfaces for purchase orders , sales and inventory management . It has along with it features connectivity with social networking , integration with third-party APIs and payment gateways integration.

[Android] – Customer management
Application for contact management and task scheduling. Has more than 30.000 downloads on Google Play.

[Android][Ios][Ionic] - Business Rounds Online
Application designed for Business Rounds Meetings. It allow companies at the meetings to get informations about other companies, check the meetings they have at the round, share contact informations and do other business related operations.

[Android] - Edu Colaborativo Expoente
Social application for school students. Students and their parents can check school grades, events, informations, participate in groups and share posts with other students and teachers. Teachers and school staff can upload tasks and documents.

[Android] - Golmob
Application for buying soccer games tickets. Customers can buy tickets through the mobile application and then they show the generated QR Code in the stadium where it will be read and validated by another mobile application (designed for the employees working at the stadiums gate entrances).

[Android Course] - Banco do Brasil de Brasília
Android development course for the development team of Banco do Brasil located in Brasília. The company goal was to train their developers to improve their mobile applications and migrate their systems from hybrid code to native code.

[Android Course] - SENAI Alagoas
Android development course for the development team of SENAI Alagoas. The company goal was to train their developers to work on mobile projects on the governamental programs field.

[Android Course] - Gazeta do Povo (Grupo RPC)
Android development course for the development team of Gazeta do Povo company. The company goal was to expose their television and paper news and informations on a mobile application.

[HTML5 Course] - TRT-PR - Tribunal Regional do Trabalho do Paraná
Web development course for the development team of TRT-PR. The company goal was to train their developers to modernize their technology and legacy systems.

[Ionic][Cordova][Hybrid Mobile] - TRE-PR - Tribunal Regional Eleitoral do Paraná
Hybrid mobile development course using the Ionic Framework for the development team of TRE-PR. The company goal was to train their developers to create a mobile application where the voters could follow the election results.

[iOS Course][SWIFT Course] - ENG DTP & Multimidia
Advanced iOS development course for students using the SWIFT language.

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