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As a translator, I want to help you and your company get the best service for the best price.

What does that mean? It means rendering every translation with care. It means working on it throughly until the result looks and feels like an original work in itself, not a clumsily translated text.

I have been translating for years as a hobby and passion of mine. For samples of some of my work, please take a look at my personal blog:


However, I know that being passionate is not enough. I'm also a serious, fast and efficient worker, always communicable and willing to listen to you, your concerns and suggestions.
Historia laboral
Since I only started offering my services in January 2015, my experience as a translator has been brief. Nevertheless, it has also been varied and fulfilling.

First of all, I translated the book "the Four Year Career" for the Network Marketing training company Bliss Business. http://blissbusiness.com/Store/Products/9447.aspx

I also worked for the Grand Rapids First organization, for which I transcribed and translated five educational videos. My translation was later used for subtitles, as exemplified by this video: https://vimeo.com/122668387

I translated two psychological questionnaires for Nanyang University (Singapur). This is a job I got in oDesk, and I received excellent feedback for this one.

I also translated a 10,000-word FAQ and cover letter for LCR Capital, a private investment firm. The language pair for this was English to Spanish.

I also have Elance experience translating from Latin to English. I translated a single page from the book "Descriptio et Figurae Rerum Belgiae".

Besides, I have had some smaller jobs as well (email template and leaflet translations, for example).

Currently, I’m working on a project with two other freelancers called “S3”, which is based in my home country of Chile. Besides offering translation services to local companies, we work in public and commercial relationships, building linguistic bridges between clients of different nationalities. We also work with Universities, linking investigators with foreign magazines and aiding them in the publication of papers and other works of interest for the scientific community.

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