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Valeria B.

Presidente Junior Chamber International Zulia

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I am a young Lawyer of 20 years old with constants feeling of self-improvement. Between my strengths stand out the perseverance, organization and leadership in my community. Always pursuing excellence. I am distinguished for having high intercultural knowledges and good management of work groups, besides of great interpersonal and communication skills at work and with the public. My principal values are respect, tolerance, commitment and generosity.

I am devoted to everything I do. I have always stood out for being the youngest at each one of the activities I work in. In the present, I am the youngest Local President on the History of Junior Chamber International Venezuela (JCI Venezuela) and I have de challenge to command social projects of large impact in communities in risk and poverty. For my job in this organization, I was postulate to the Rotary Pro Peace Fellowships this year.
Historia laboral
* Travieso Evans Arria Rengel & Paz (Legal Services): Responsibilities
•    Head the Paralegal Department
•    Help the experimented lawyers to manage all the labour cases doing all the minor legal proceedings.
•    Redact and notarize most of the commercial contracts in the bureau.

•    Improvement of my group control skills through dialog and coordination.
•    Development of leadership and good management skills
•    Development of good practices or experience in law.

* Accounting Firm: RIVAS BLANCO & ASSOCIATES: Responsibilities
•    Prepare projected cash flows in the financial area
•    Help to complete bank expedients for juridical and natural people.
•    Make the calls of attention to all the clients in status of debtors with the firm.

•    Growth on my  effectiveness, my sense of responsibility and group integration
•    Improvement on my determination on decision-making.
•    Development in organization skills, and time management

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