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About me
Hi, I’m Grace, a content and copywriter with a flair for creating engaging writing in the travel industry, as well as creating top notch product descriptions to boost sales.

I provide targeted and meaningful work that connects your business with your ideal clients.

Combining my creative communication skills with my passion for travel and adventure, I'll deliver seamless and inspiring content and copy that reaches new readers and transforms them into loyal customers, while engaging with and elevating your current client base. It is my love for the industry and my endless wanderlust that lies behind my writing voice.

I love working with clients who provide unforgettable travel experiences and services. As a traveller myself, I am your target market. I understand exactly what is is that makes your customers tick. I take my inside knowledge of the industry along with my copywriting skills and combine them together to take your business to the next level.

If you're looking for someone to help you stand out online and make an impact that will result in increased brand awareness and ultimately sales, you have come to the right place.

If you are ready to improve your marketing and reach customers on a new and inspiring level, contact me today and get the ball rolling! I'll consider all travel related projects as well as product description work.

Simple send me a quick overview of what you are looking for. I'll be in touch right away and we can begin making your goals a reality.
Work history
I've worked in the food and beverage marketing industry over a span of 6 years, working with huge brands such as Marks and Spencers to create face to face marketing and sampling campaigns that have been proven to effectively boost sales.
I've worked with small business in the  art, crafts and jewellery market to create silky smooth copy and product descriptions that entice the customer and bring a fresh and exciting identity to a product.
More recently I've been working with travel agencies and hotels across the Indian subcontinent as I travel around this fascinting part of the globe. I copy edit, review, write content and copy for a variety of small businesses and tour agents.