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If you are looking for a expert in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence you've found the right guy!

Currently I'm in a Master Degree program on Computer Engineering at Universidade Federal do Ceará (Brazil). The focus of my research is to build a brain-computer interface to help people with disabilities, using a EEG machine with clever data analysis and machine learning techniques.

I have direct experience in the following technologies/topics:
- Python (Pandas, SciPy, Scikit-learn and Keras with Tensorflow Backend);
- Predictive Models (Linear, Polynomial and Multivariate Regression);
- Bayesian Methods (Naive Bayes and Bayesian Optimization);
- Classifiers (K-Mean Clustering, Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines, K-Nearest Neighbors);
- Principal Component Analysis (PCA);
- Recommender Systems;
- Artificial Neural Networks (Deep Learning, Convolutional and Recurrent neural networks).

So, if you need a expert in this areas with a strong work-ethic please feel free to contact me.

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