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My aim is to explore all the opportunities that digital advertising and social media is giving us nowadays in order to create new ways of communication and how to reach people's hearts.
I can create anything using only my pencil and a piece of paper. And much more... Ok, I'll tell you my secret...
I work with the most dangerous, slithery and wild creature on earth.
You can find these beautiful beasts everywhere. Don’t even dare to blink. If you do, you’ll find they're already gone. Did you capture it in your notebook?
You guessed it, I’m an idea hunter.
And I’m also an ad man.
I started in the world of advertising as some start with a woman: the first contact is awkward, there were some misunderstandings, shyness... but now we are in a stable relationship, and the flame of the first day is still present.

You could say I´m in love with advertising.

An idea hunter in love with advertising, good combination, right?
Historia laboral
* ROUZ!: Currently working as a freelance, offering marketing online, copywriting and social media services.
Clients: Ópticas Rouzaut, Combibus, Tiempo Badabum, La Escalerica de San Nicolás, Urgoiti Editores...

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