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I have worked in different companies but now I am currently developing my own project based on the use of new technologies and sharing economies. as main growth and exploitation of opportunities in the new business technologies landscape, the goal is to promote the use for local traditional and nontraditional business in the world wide web. In order to achieve maximum growth and exploit the opportunities in the new business technologies landscape,the goal is to promote the use of local, traditional and non traditional business in the World Wide Web. Therefore we encourage the effective use flats, cars, language exchange, events, amongst others implementing clear commercial orientation in order to generate sustainable and realistic economic growth for both managers and users, promoting the use of resources and adapting to new technology.

Furthermore my experience in promising quality of business service and love for online marketing give me a great sense of satisfaction despite long hours  planning strategies and care services that we offer through these platforms.

We believe that these platforms are an excellent alternative which is highly efficient at using available resources. The differentiating factor is the way we sell,employing strategies and bettering the business market position through high quality customer services and a balanced trade approach based on the fundamentals of www: "the goal of model character for the World Wide web is to facilitate use of the web by all people, regardless of their language, script, writing system, and cultural conventions, in accordance with the W3C goal of universal access. A fundamental condition for achieving this goal is to be able to transmit and process the characters used worldwide a well defined and well understood way. "

Commercial & creative: Customer, Sales, Finance.
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