Mauricio W.

Creative Director @ MW Studio

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About me
I am motivated by the aiming of challenging goals and achieving the best results in all activities. Extensive sales experience and customer service and able to work in groups. Leadership skills, eager to learn and consolidate the knowledge learned throughout my career.

My interests range from photography (fashion, product, space), to branding, editorial design, advertising and visual communications, digital media and new technologies.
Work history
* Globotech USA Corporation (Marketing and Advertising): Freelance | Branding & Brand implementation for several international clients.

* MW Studio (Design): Branding designer and brand implementation. Developed brand strategy for several clients in Colombia:

I help small businesses to  increase their acknowledgement in the local market. Consulting and design for communication pieces like corporate brochures, advertising strategy in differnt media, catalogs, product and space photography.

* KLOTZ PHOTO (Photography) [from 12/2012]: Freelance photography assistant to Mr. André Klotz, one of  Colombia's top photographers with clients like General Motors, Bavaria, Renault, Falabella among others

* Leo Burnett Colombia - Alpha 245 (Marketing and Advertising) [from 1/2012]: Art Director for one of the major retailers in South America with presence in Argentina, Chile, Perú and Colombia. Concept and campaign creation, graphic designer (fashion, product, interior design catalogs). Responsible in art direction in photographic sessions. Executive and strategic work in several projects.

Catalog spreading in colombian newspapers increased Falabella's sales 30% during the 2010-2011 period, due the quality of its designs, photos and models - world famous Kate Moss among them.

* Chimi Diseño (Design) [from 12/2009]: In-house designer at one of the most innovative design companies of its kind in Colombia. Graphic design & concept for catalogues, photography and rug Design.

* Escola Superior de Disseny ESDi (Higher Education) [from 8/2008]: Creative director for the College's publications, editorial design for magazines and books. I worked with the editorial team at the college.

* Estudi Peret (Design) [from 6/2006]: I had the opportunity to work as an intern with one of the best, most original and most famous designers in Spain and Eupore. A pioneer and avant-garde person in his craft.
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