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Translator, content editor, writer

Blogger (www.kombokino.blogspot.com and www.thecuriousmoviegoer.com)

As translator:
Extensive experience in clinical trial/pharmaceutical/medical translation.
Traduttore con profonda esperienza nella traduzzione medica/studio clinico/ricerca clinica.
Traductor. Amplia experiencia en traducción médica/investigación clínica.

Experienced in translations of clinical trial/pharmaceutical/medical documents (translation) such as:
- Study Protocols;
- Informed Consent Form;
- Investigator’s Brochure;
- Clinical Trial Reports;
- Package inserts/labels;
- Expert statements;
- Regulatory statements;
- Certificates of Compliance;
- Test  reports;
- Certificates of pharmaceutical products;
- Adverse event reports;
- Risk Management Plans;
- Stability Data Report;
- Off-label Communication;
- Product safety data sheet

- Excellent written communication skills (in Portuguese, English and Italian).
- Lived abroad (London) - 2006
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* Freelance Translator - English/Italian/Spanish: kombokino.blogspot.com


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