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•Software Engineering (Software Automation, Software Quality Assurance Engineering, Software Quality Testing and Requirement Engineering, Software Process, Software Configuration Management etc.)
•Information security, control, audit and monitoring.
•Wants to become an expert in Automation and Security.
•Wants to become a certified of CISM, CISSP and PMP – Next ten year targets.
Historia laboral
* Kualitatem Inc. (Information Technology and Services): Worked as QA Consultant in Redmath (Pvt) Ltd. on behalf of Kualitatem (Pvt) Ltd.
Accomplishments & Responsibilities in Redmath (Pvt) Ltd.:
> Performing Quality Consultant responsibilities in Redmath (Pvt.) Ltd.
> Assure the quality of financial and core banking solutions.
> Worked on following major areas: Business Services, Core Banking Business Processes, Risk Management, Front End connectivity etc.
> Developed and evaluated Test Strategies, Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases for various modules.
> Bug identification, report generation, analysis.
> Business requirement compliance, verification and validation.
> Training QA resources for domain knowledge, Test Planning, Documentation and Test execution.

Accomplishments & Responsibilities in Kualitatem (Pvt) Ltd.:
> Acting as a Software Automation Trainer, developer and executor.
> Accomplish Automation assignments using Selenium on following projects:
  - Higi Kiosk - Health related application
  - NeuroLogix-NeuroPass - An Artificial Intelligent System to enhance the security features.
  - AllMarketingList - Customer Relationship Management and point of sale solution.
  - CATS - Channel Automation Transaction System.
> Automation Training to QA team, Reviewing QA documents.
> Preforming Projects Lead roles to evaluate, manage and execute activities.
> Performing leading QA activities (i.e. Planning, Estimating, Execution, Analyzing, and Reporting) on following projects:
- Higi Kiosk - A Health application
- GBM - Correspondence Management System.
- - a web site solution
- Neurologix - An Artificial Intelligent System.
- GeoServ - A Geographical Information System.
- AirPim
- AllMarketingList
- BibandTuck
- HappyHampers
- Quantasy etc.

* SNS Technologies (Information Technology and Services) [from 8/2011]: Roles & Responsibilities:-
-Resource planning, scheduling and monitoring
-Quality assurance of various projects including cCon-Career Consultant, IGEC, AFRAH-IGEC, AdFactory, FNF-Reporting Tool, Hisab Kitab ERP Solution, TFE etc.
-Requirement Compliance,
-Verification and Validation
-Data verification and validation in SQL server 2005
-Change request management
-Requirements analysis and documentation
-Preparation of Technical documents for various projects etc.
-Writing QA/QC documentation: Quality Plan, Test Strategy, Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Use Cases, Dependability metrics etc. for various projects,
-Assure quality of various projects via quality process.
-Performing gap analysis in company's current process and CMMI
-Defining the Scrum process with compliance of ISO 9001 process
-Institutionalization of process management and improvement strategies with best practices and KPIs of CMMI

* SNS Technologies (Information Technology and Services) [from 3/2011]: Evaluating quality and process improvement in the company
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