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Very perfeccionist, determined, open minded, creative, detailed, goal-minded & people skilled person.

Academic Achievements:

1) Primary schooling degree. (1993~1998) Graduated.

Institutes with courses attended during that time period:
    Figueroa Alcorta School of fine arts. Drawing techniques. Painting techniques for oil painting, acrylic painting & arts of carving techniques.

Time period: 1993~1999.
Location: Córdoba capital city, Córdoba, Argentina

    I.I.C.A.N.A. (Instituto de Intercambio Cultural Argentino Norteamericano- Argentine Northamerican culture exchange Institute).

Web-link: Time peroid: 1993-2005.

Courses at I.I.C.A.N.A.:

Graduated in Octouber, 2005. E.C.C.E. Degree. (Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English)

2) Highschool degree. (1999-2004) Graduated in November 2004. Instituto Dante Alighieri.


Institutes & courses taken during that time period:
    I.I.C.A.N.A. (E.C.C.E. degree - Graduated)

    Piano & music theory lessons (Music theory, ear training, piano music composers & Piano) One course on 2000 and then had another one on 2005. 

3) Lic. en Letras Modernas at Escuela de Letras, Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades, UNC (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - National University of Córdoba).

Time period: 2006-2009 (In order to get my graduate degree I need to give only 5 final exams & the thesis).

Location: Córdoba capital city, Córdoba, Argentina.

Courses taken
    Oratory at CEICOS.

3 months on 2008. Degree.


Location: Córdoba capital city, Córdoba, Argentina.

    Voice & singing classes. One year. 2011. Professor Leda Zanetti.

Location: Córdoba capital city, Córdoba, Argentina.


Skills & Talents
    _Linguistics._ (Grammar, language, syntax, semantics, text, paragraph, sentece, words, phonology, phonetics). Writing, text /pharagraph editing & correcting. Studying techniques such as summerizing ideas /word & paragraph sketching & mnemonic techniques.
    _Music._ Great learning-by-ear skills & music sheet reader. Knowledge on music history, music composers and bands. Able to teach music & piano for intermediate & beginners. Social. Positive interacting, counseling for the improvement of a business & networking to get better contacts that will help me with my future career as counseling writer, language & linguistics professor, art teacher, and cook.
    _Fine arts & Design._ Interior design. Visualize, project planning & creating towards the improvement of a company. Designs. Photo editing. Photography.
    _Marketing_. I believe that the key to a successful business is creativity, open minding, awearness, investigation, social skills, networking, marketing, desire of improvement & achievement, but knowing that the foundation of a business is succeding at the managing, organization & design of an enterprise.
    _History, literature & sociology_. Very interested in many perspectives & points of view that history is telled. I believe that culture, scientific studies, religions & traditions are the foundation of humanity.

_Language skills_
    Spanish (native).
    English (Advanced).
    Italian (Intermediate).
    Portuguese (Intermediate).

_Interested in_
    The development of human rights in general.
    Design & Marketing. 
    Assisting customers. 
    Teaching techniques & methodologies to improove children's learning/studying skills. I believe education is the key & opening door to the power of human capital.
    Recreational & outdoor activities at the service of education.
    Environmental awareness. 
    Raising money for the poor, educate them into their skills & talents in order to motivate them to get a job. Educate & social work for people with poor or no education access. 
    Health awarness for the sake of humanty & culture preservation.
Historia laboral
_Current businesses_

1) Owner & Founder of //Intelligent & Fun English Lessons//. (I.F.E.L.)

Position: All-time freelance Private tutor.

Teaching kids and youngsters how to improve their English skills, teaching them that English can be fun & also interesting for them. Introducing them to anglo culture & stimulating people to learn from anglo culturess' schedules, traditions, holidays, history, movies, literature & contemporary music with grammar & language rules as foundation. Improving language skills techniques for students who need assistance on their linguistic skills & study techniques for their own personal improvement concerning their english linguistic skills & spanish grammar skills.

Work schedule: from 10:00 AM to 20:00 PM

Current location: Madre Sacramento 1550 - CP:5014

Founded: 2005.

Time Period: January, 2005 - Present.

2) Owner & founder of//__////_Delicias_ {Homemade Pastry delivery service & Catering & Deco services suited for tea parties, casual & formal afternoon meetings}//.

Position: Part-time freelance Baker & Cook at //Delicias//.

Current location: Madre Sacramento 1550 - CP:5014

Founded: January 2012.

Time period: From January 2012 - present.

Former jobs:

1) Position: Part-time employee at Farmacia //Bosque Alvarez.//

Job: Marketing assistance, marketing in products organization to improve and increase sellings. Marketing design strategies for indoor & outdoor to improve the business looks and increase sales. Customer service & customer service marketing techniques.

Work schedule: from 8:30 AM to 13:30 PM.

From Mondays to Fridays.

Business name: Farmacia Bosque Alvarez.

Location: Maipú St. 139. Centro (downtown) neighbourhood.

Business: Pharmaceutical Industry.

Time period: From November 2011 to September 2012.

2) Position: All time freelance translator & speakerss' assistant & agenda organizer at C.E.C.

Job: Contacting international speakers via e-mail & getting them a temporary place to stay. Contacting reliable families from Córdoba city with a suitable place for speakers to stay. Translating their message outlines & assisting them with their schedule during their stay at Córdoba city, Córdoba, Argentina. Introducing them to campers when speakers were at small crowd groups. Translating them at large group meetings or when needed.

Non-profit organization: C.E.C. (stands for Centro de Entrenamiento Cristiano / Christian training center). 

Location: Esquiú //Esquiú// 267 -//Córdoba// X5004AEE


Time period: from September 2009 to February 2010. 

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