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Panel de control, en excel o power bi

Freelancer Federico O. B. Federico O. B. 4 months ago

Curso de Power Bi

Freelancer Federico F. Federico F. 4 months ago

Power BI

About me
HI, I’m a system engineering from Nicaragua with over 2 years of experience, who is passionate about helping businesses grow online, improve businesses on data analysis, and on decision making. I love to work on projects related to data analysis strategy, improving on the processes which are being made manually and make them automatic and suggest best practices on business intelligence field. My goal is to work with a company that is growing rapidly and needs someone with up-to-date skills on everything related on business intelligence, I’m willing to work and will be grateful to work with you.

Skills Summary:
I have a wide range of experience in critical analysis. I am also capable of managing several responsibilities simultaneously. I also adhere to standards when performing tasks. I have a good command of MS Applications (i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint). I worked as a Full-Time Business Intelligence Assistant helping on improving processes and reports which are need it by our superiors, furthermore, I’ve helped my university on improving the analysis process with power BI as my thesis.

Top Skills:
1. Data Analysis – Over 2 years of experience.
2. Problem- solving – Over 2 years of experience, using Power BI, Sharepoint, Power Apps
3. Microsoft SQL
4. Analysis Services
5. Sharepoint
6. Power BI
7. Tableau

English Experience:
I started learning English when I was 8 years old, through research as well as in school. I took English classes in school from grades 3 to 12. Then, while attending University, I studied 8 different courses that were taught in English. In my professional life, I’ve used English when talking to clients (Verbally and in writing). I’d rate my English skills as follows:

– Speaking: 4 / 5
– Writing: 5 / 5
– Translating (to/from Spanish): 4 / 5 – Advanced, but not an expert.
Work history
Analista de BI Invercasa 2 años
Programación de sistema en C# para Casa Cross durante un mes