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John H.

Managing Director at FarmGeek Ltd

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IT & Programación

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Sobre mí
My personal goal in terms of work is to be the sort of developer that can be relied on and trusted to deliver predictably good quality results. I want to be able to follow standards and best practices, and work in a dynamic, agile environment where my code is reviewed, and I'm constantly pushed to get even better. In short, I want to be in an environment where I'm supported in my quest to be the best I can be.
Historia laboral
* FarmGeek Ltd (Computer Software): We build software, apps and websites that don't suck.

Web Development
FarmGeek build custom websites for companies and agencies around the world. FarmGeek has worked with notable companies and agencies around the UK, with specialism in realtime communication and integration with hardware and embedded devices.

Agricultural Software
FarmGeek believe that farmers have enough on their plate without the added stress of filling out forms, recording what animal is where, and what it's health history is like. That's why more often in not, it's either done in one person's head or it isn't done at all. We aim to change that for good.

FarmGeek specialise in business optimisation by the use of automated systems. FarmGeek can help you understand what can be done to make your company work faster, more accurately, and more efficiently.

* Cyber-Duck (Internet) [from 2/2013]: - Management of many freelancers and remote workers in a variety of timezones.

- Development of core Symble architecture, using PHP 5.4, SASS, building a Node.JS API, building an API frontend with built-in caching using Redis, building an ODM for the API to make it easy to traverse documents.

- Mobile web app development using various javascript frameworks

- Javascript development using jQuery, backbone.js and underscore.js

* Cyber-Duck Ltd (Internet) [from 6/2011]: PHP Development

* JohnHamelink (Information Technology and Services) [from 4/2011]: PHP Development, custom Wordpress theming and plugin development, Web consultancy.

* SyntaxMonster (Information Technology and Services) [from 3/2010]: Web design, web development, custom CMS development, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins

* Space Web Design (Information Technology and Services) [from 6/2007]: Managing clients,
Managing finance,
Marketing efforts,
Project Management,
Managing third parties,
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2013 PHP5 Test 68% 61% Aprobado
2013 Ruby on Rails Test 62% 47% Aprobado

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