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Job Skills and Job Descriptions:
With 25 years of experience in becoming a highly skilled Big Data Analysis Project Manager, Social Media Experience, and Technical Writing.
Management Office:  Front Office Administration, Order Administration, Project Management, File & Records Control, Contract Administration, Coordinating Meetings and Conferences, Petty Cash Control, Budget Preparation & Forecasting, and Appointment Scheduling.
Secretarial:  Typing 60wpm, Transcription, Typing/Editing, Proofreading, Reports, Contracts,
Clerical/ General Office:  File Maintenance, Documents Control, Copying/Duplication, and Data Entry
Reception/Customer Service:  Account Verification, Multi-Line-Phones, Transferring/Screen Calls, Message Taking, Appointment Taking, and CRT/Data Input
Personnel Administration:  Payroll Preparation & Taxes, Time Card Tracking, Benefits Implementation, Insurance Records, Employee Orientation
Computer:  Data Entry, CRT, Word-processing, Spreadsheets, Data Input, Form letters/ Mail Merger, Correspondence, Reports, Newsletters, Mailing Lists, Pricing Listings, and Catalogs.
Personality Skills:
I deal effectively with a wide variety of people and handle conflict successfully.
I have the ability to work effectively in a team setting and can motivate team members to greater success.
I speak persuasively and articulately also I listen carefully and accurately.
I worked hard to become very highly proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel, Power-Points, and Word!  Also in Google Docs, Drive, Photos, Word, Slides, Sheets, PDF Viewer, and Photo Scan. I am lightly experienced in Adobe Programs.  I can design and implemented office computer network plan.
I can effectively at interpreting complex regulations and the hold the ability to quickly analyze a problem and develop an effective response.
I can pinpoint problems and initiate creative solutions and become creative problem solver.
Maintain the ability to learn new skills quickly and accurately and able to integrate many different skills to achieve success.
I can perform and interprets descriptive and inferential statistics.

Angela Kersey
Historia laboral
Summit Insurance 1998-2002  Data Entry Clerk and Customer Service Rep
Network Telephone 2002-2004 Telecommunications, Manager, and secretary
West 2004-2007 Customer Service Rep for American Express
Rolins Construction 2007-2017 Assistant, Customer Service Rep, Data Entry, meeting coordinator, project outlines, Book Keeping, and Human Resources
Deano Rolins 251-253-7843 Owns Rolins Construction

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