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Technology consultant with more than 12 years experience in the area of database and Asp.Net Web platform
C #, project management and Planning and Budget Manager in the Government of the State of Goiás since 2002
Currently working in the BI area using the Tableau (Desktop and Server) and Pentaho
projects in PMI-GO
Historia laboral
Working  as  a  Business  Manager  to  development  m a n a g e m e n t  dashboards  of support and decision-making  to State
Departament of Transit and modeling projects to raising funds from the Ministry of Cities.
•  Management and  Projects  Modeling  –  Modeling projects  to raising funds from the  Ministry of Cities (Scope
Management, Human Resources, Quality, Costs, Risks, Chronogram)
•  Dashboard Modeling  – Planning  and implementation  ma n a g e me n t  dashboards using Tableau

* CHEMICAL  AND  PHARMACEUTICAL  INDUSTRY OF  GOIAS  STATE, Goiania, Goias,  Brazil  2015 -  2017
Working  as  a  Project  Manager  to  development  the  restructuring  project  of  the  company’s  information  technology  and business  intelligence  solution  using  Pentaho  suite
•  Business  Data  Modeling  and  Internal  Projects  –  Experience  with  Unified  Modeling  Language  (UML),  including
Entity-Relationship  Diagrams  (ERD),  Sequence  Diagrams,  and  Data  Flow  Diagrams  (DFD,  Planning    and
implementation  of  the  Information  Technology  restructuring  project  of  the  company.  ( http:/  /w  w  w
•  Business  Intelligence  Modeling  –  Planning  and  implementation  BI  solution  of  the  company  with  Pentaho  suite
and  developing  reports,  dashboards,  and  Mondrian  cubes.
• Extract/Transform/Load  (ETL)  and/or  Business  Intelligence  -  Experience  with  ETL  tools  and  procedures, Experience  with  creating  Data  Marts/  Enterprise  Data  warehouse,  Experience  with  Pentaho  BI  Suite  and  Pentaho PDI
•  Databases Modeling -  Strong  SQL  skills,  Understanding  of XML, SQL, Data Modeling  Language  (DML),  and  Data
Definition  Language  (DDL)

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