Luciano K. freelancer experto en Administración de Proyectos, Modelado de Datos

Luciano K.

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Multidisciplinary, challenge driving, self-learning, server-leading and teaching characters.

Physics BSc (UFRGS), Physics Teacher, Geophysics MSc (USP), Chief geophysicist and project manager of Airborne survey, entrepreneur, COO and CEO.

Skills in numerical math, chemistry, software development, music, aviation. Open source, Environment and Alternative Energies enthusiast and researcher.

Technology Consultant for Reforestation, Wind Power, GIS, Mining, Oil/gas start-up, geophysics software and hardware projects.

Portuguese and Spanish fully proficient. English working proficiency. Russian, a bit rusty...
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* Looking for an exciting new job opportunity: Geophysics academic and executive background. Multidisciplinary. leadership and learn-by-doing character. Expertise in Potential Methods, Airborne geophysics, geophysical projects management, GIS.

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