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Programación y Tecnología

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Professional Summary
- Over 10 years of experience developing applications using technologies such as LAMP and databases  such as MySQL.

- Over 6 years of experience  working as freelancer on several on several projects using  technologies  such as PHP,  C#,  VBA and Java.

- Over 1 year of experience working  with web technologies as Javascript, CSS

- Over 6 years of experience with HTML, and 6 months of experience with AngularJS and Ruby on Rails

- Over 2 months of experience with API Restful on Ruby on Rails

- Industry Experience: Government, Education.
Historia laboral
* Secretaria de Educacion de Quintana Roo: - Management of a team of 3 programmers.
- Suggest the use of the correct technology for each Project.
- Research the use of libraries and third party components.
- Research new technologies.
- Write code for the new software.
- Developing code for parts of the systems.
- Implemented the use of stored procedures, functions and views.
- Create Stored Procedures and functions.
- Provide user support.
- Define the schemas design for databases.
- Train users and new developers.
- Participate in meetings to define new processes.
- Implemented the use of Yii, Extjs, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, UML.
- Modify, fix and recreate code and reports.
- Migrated old code to newer technologies.
- Design web forms using HTML5.
- Apply styles to forms and pages using CSS.
- Research new methods to help make code better and faster.
- Suggest the use of tools to help develop code faster.
- Suggested a source version control system.
- Suggested the use of UML.
- Communication with the other areas of the company.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Extjs, Yii, AngularJS, RedMine, Trello, Gantter, Draw.Io, LucidChart, Git, YiiBootstrap, YiiBooster, Yiistrap, Ui Bootstrap for AngularJS, Slack.

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