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If you add me and send me a message, I can support you.


♦ I'll prove to you that even if something like what you're doing exists you should still do it

♦ I'll help you structure your idea and build a plan to execute

♦ Teach you the best practices to build prototypes to validate and learn from you clients

♦ I can also give you some tools to better understand your client's needs/problems

♦ I've got a lot of content and books to send that should help you get where you want

♦ I can introduce you to lots of people that can complement your profile and maybe even co-found a company with you

♦ Also, I can introduce you to many freelance professionals to help you finish your project


♦ Programmers (backend and frontend)
♦ Sysadmins
♦ Business Founders
♦ Designers
♦ Empresários


I'm graduated in Information Systems on the Centro Universitário do Triângulo.

I've passed through many Software Houses on my career, the last one was Zup IT. There we've create a technology with Buscapé that has messed with the entire brazilian ecommerce.

In parallel I've founded three startups (the first broke, the second is paralyzed by laws issues and the third is the one I'm currently working).

Recently I decided to start writing again, an old passion. So I'll share about my vision that programmers are the key to the digital revolution we are living.
Historia laboral
* YouExpert (E-learning): Now is the time to give back community everything it gave us. Count on us to seek, prepare and execute the workshops, webinars, courses, events and others about the top technologies and methodologies of the market! ;)

* Defina-se (Education Management): I have committed frontend and backend code, organized product and sprint backlogs, mapped processes, created content, visited clients, created proposals, teached classes, cleaned our office, made coffee to our students, helped to run trainings and much more.

I have learned in practice what are assets and liabilities, fixed and variable costs, cash flows, capex and opex, ebitda, and many other important financial concepts.

I have also learned about managing through goals, meritocracy, partnership, strategic planning, strategy, design thinking, digital marketing and the list keeps growing.

This is one of the richest experiences I have in my entire life ;D

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