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Licenciado en Análisis de Sistemas con amplia experiencia en administración de proyectos, desarrollo y análisis.
Historia laboral
* Google (Internet): * Collaborate on Sales efforts, providing consulting services to prospects related to their business models and how to compound them using the DoubleClick suite of products.
* Lead implementation projects with clients to integrate DoubleClick products into their organization and fit them into their business processes.
* Provide post implementation consulting services related to product optimization and upselling.

* Google (Internet) [desde 1/2010]: * Consolidated and expanded changes in AdSense operations worldwide.
* Led a worldwide team to roll out and fine tune changes globally.
* Received a Vice President's Award for achieving 90% automation of AdSense support related emails globally.
* Worked with the AdWords team to roll out a similar project and on improving internal workflows through tools development.

* Google (Internet) [desde 3/2008]: *  I was among the first 10 hires that founded the Buenos Aires office. Helped establish the local culture.
* Started the AdSense operation locally, with one co-worker.
* Took advantage of my IT knowledge to transform the AdSense operation regionally, for which I received an Engineering Immersion Award.
* Received a Sales Organization's Award for automating the Brazilian AdSense publisher's payment process.

* Engineering School - UBA (Higher Education) [desde 12/2007]

* Epson (Computer Hardware) [desde 12/2006]: *  Analysis and programming for Epson Latin-American regional websites.
* Deployed business to consumer solutions in Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

* Epson (Computer Hardware) [desde 5/2003]: *  I was selected to work at Epson America’s Headquarters, located in Los Angeles, assisting the Latin-American Webmaster.
* During my time there I executed Analysis tasks and trained the Product Managers in the use of the tools we had developed in Argentina. I worked with them in order to unify the different regional websites.
* I had the chance to work in a multicultural environment, which helped me grow both professionally and personally.

* Epson (Computer Hardware) [desde 7/2002]: *  Application development for Non Governmental Organizations.
* During a second stage I was a key developer in the unifying project of the Epson Latin-American websites.

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