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Jairo D.

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Sobre mí
Architect who tries that his work is consistent with the context and the natural environment. I try to spend a lot of time in the outdoors either exercising or just talking a hike. I'm a sports person and I always want to be the better player on the field. I enjoy photography, a good talk and a very good match on tv every now and then. Love for animals, nature and a well care about the environment. I'm a Vegetarian.
After being in different jobs I've found out that I am very good on working in a team and communicating the ideas so that everybody gets exited on developing them. I also got to know that I work better and more efficient with pressure, so I like it when there is a lot to be done. Also, because I get bored very easily, I am a very proactive person and problem solver. I am a guy that finds very hard to sit still. I like to teach and show what I have gone through so that others can make good decisions.
Historia laboral
Consultoría ambiental: Certificaciones LEEED y estudios bioclimáticos
Arquitecto: Aplicación energías renovables y diseño de proyecto de vivienda unifamiliar.
Arquitecto: Diseño de proyectos residenciales, oficinas y remodelaciones.
Arquitecto: Residente e interventor de obra

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