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André F. F. B.

Intern at INFOSOLO S.A.

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I'm currently a Software Engineering undergraduate at Universidade de Brasília, Brazil.

I'm  a very open-minded person, with a strong sense of duty, and I am really into learning new skills and making new friends. My primary professional interests are in the fields of Mobile Applications and Web Development, as well as emergent platforms and frameworks. My hobbies are music (I can play the guitar and the bass), and role-playing games of all kinds.

My passion for computers and technology started when I was about 10 years old, when I got my first PC, running Windows XP. At that time, I began to play Ragnarok Online, and decided to create my own server to play with my friends. That idea got me into my first coding experience.

From then, I went on my endless quest to learn new programming languages and frameworks, including C, Java, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Obj-C, Swift and some others. Nowadays, I work as a Web/Mobile developer, nurturing a passion for IT Businness Administration, which motivates me on my current Degree.
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* INFOSOLO S.A. (Information Technology & Services)

* Self-employed

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