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George C.

I'm back baby!

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Habilidades (Máximo: 3)
Sobre mí
Solid "C" average in high school, right in the meaty part of the curve
Inventor - "It's not you, it's me"
85 IQ score
First Place - "The Contest"
Festivus Feats of Strength
Writer, off-Broadway play entitled La Cocina, about a Mexican chef named Pepe
Historia laboral
Krueger Industrial Smoothing
November 1997 – April 1998 (6 months)

Cried until I got the name T-Bone
Costanza and Son
October 1997 – October 1997 (1 month)

Beat Lloyd Braun and won a water pick and then Kramer smashed all the computers I "sold".... serenity now!!!
Sales Rep
Play Now
September 1997 – October 1997 (2 months)

Fired for faking a handicap and picking up my Rascal scooter
Assistant to the Traveling Secretary
New York Yankees
Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Deportes industry
May 1994 – May 1997 (3 years 1 month)

Traded to Tyson chicken for some kind of fermented chicken drink
Sales Rep
Rest Stop Supply Company
November 1993 – November 1993 (1 month)

In charge of the Penske file
Hand Model
Models, Inc
September 1993 – September 1993 (1 month)

Was master of my own domain
Jerry sitcom
September 1992 – May 1993 (9 months)

Jerry took away all my good lines
Latex Salesman
Vanadaley Industries
February 1992 – February 1992 (1 month)

Fake job so I could collect unemployment
Car Parker
Constanza Parking Services
December 1991 – December 1991 (1 month)

Messed up a Woody Allen movie with my car parking
Pendant Publishing
December 1991 – December 1991 (1 month)

Fired for having sex with the cleaning lady on my desk, but if anyone had told me that kind of thing was frowned upon I wouldn't have done it
Real Estate Agent
Levitan Realty
July 1989 – April 1991 (1 year 10 months)

Slipped my boss a mikey after he wouldn't let me us his private bathroom
Educación de George Costanza

City University of New York-Queens College
BA, General Studies
1980 – 1986

Actividades y grupos: Future Architects of America Marine Biology Club
John F. Kennedy High School
HS Diploma
1977 – 1980
Actividad Profesional:  Marketing y Ventas
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