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I'm a professional full-stack web and mobile cross-platform developer specializing in PHP and JavaScript.

I can build entire projects from scratch or join an already established team to help build or optimize an ongoing project.

I'm part of underscreen.com, a professional development team that  have been working in the internet software industry for more than 12 years for digital agencies and clients from United Kingdom, New Zealand, Argentina and Puerto Rico.

I'm always willing to learn that new ground-breaking technology and trying to follow the best practices with the technology I'm working.

I'm currently focusing on these programming skills and frameworks:

[+] Web application development

[+] Open-source e-commerce development

[+] Mobile cross-platform development
- Apache CORDOVA

[+] open-source website development
Historia laboral
I currently work in underSCREEN.com.
I have started this freelance software development team back in 2005.

Our main technologies and developing frameworks skills are:

- PHP and JavaScript web applications with SYMFONY and ANGULAR JS
- Mobile cross-platform development with jQuery Mobile and Apache CORDOVA
- E-commerce development with WOOCOMMERCE and MAGENTO
- Open-source responsive website development with WORDPRESS and SILVERSTRIPE

Other frameworks and technologies expertise we have:

- JavaScript developing frameworks like Backbone.js, Node.js, RequireJS, Underscore.js and jQuery
- PHP developing frameworks like Drupal and Zend
- CSS3 and HTML5 mockup building with Bootstrap and LESS or SASS.
- Multimedia kiosks and Advergaming with Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.

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