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I'm an Android and iOS developer who also likes to work on web technologies and cloud. I graduated from a top university in Brazil (Unicamp) with a Computer Science degree and I'm about to graduate in Computational and Applied Mathematics from same university. I'm a consultant and co-founder of Y-Max IT Consulting with some experience creating ETL software.
Historia laboral
* Y-Max IT Consulting (co-founder) [from June/2012 until now]:

Develop Business Intelligence solutions using open source tools such as Talend and PostgreSQL.

* Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado
(Eldorado Research Institute) [September/2010 – June/2012]:

Third project: Android developer
Helped develop a library in C++ (NDK/JNI) for DRM functionality (used XML for communication and AES and RSA cryptography)
Second project: iOS developer.
Facebook integration and some other functionalities for version 2.0 of a social running app.

Language: Objective-C
First project: Customizing Android for Motorola Mobility smartphones.
Android platform (framework and applications)
C Language for embedded software (modem/Baseband processor). Basic knowledge of GSM and UMTS protocols.
Analysis of radio (core of Motorola's phone), main (Android) and QXDM (chipset Qualcomm) logs;
Use of Agilent and Anite equipments for network tests (clear code, roaming, roaming broker (dual imsi), cell reselection: UMTS/GSM, etc);

Technologies: Java, C, C++, Android.

* UniSoma [June/2012 – September/2010]:

Maintenance of Plandora [] for internal use.

* IBM [May/2008 – May/2010]:

Developed front end in Ruby on Rails for an internal migration tool.
Worked on IBM Installation Toolkit for Linux on Power ( using Python programming language.

* Instituto de Física Gleb Wataghin – Universidade Estadual de Campinas
(Gleb Wataghin Physics Institute - State University of Campinas) [November/2005 – May/2008]:

Technical support to employees of Physics Institute (undergraduate department only).
Standardization and maintenance of course pages (

* CEAMC - Centro de Estudos de Artes Marciais Chinesas
(Chinese Martial Arts Studies Center) [2005 – 2008]:

Teaching Taijiquan (t'aichich'uan) for beginner and intermediate levels.

* Elabora Innovation Analysis [March/2007 – December/2007]:

Development of Java programs to parse HTML files and populate a database. Also, developed the web interface in PHP to monitor database status. Webserver and database (PostgreSQL) administration.

* Boan e Oliveira Ltda [February/2002 – August/2002]:

Project, development and deployment of Intranet of Acesita S.A. (later ArcelorMittal Inox Brasil and Aperam South America [ |]) as a contractor for IBM Brazil in ASP and Visual Basic 6.0 over IIS/Windows NT 4.0 and Oracle database supporting nearly 3000 users.

* RCS Informática [September/2000 – December/2001]:

Programmed web sites for RCS' customers and internal tools. Use of Oracle JDeveloper for servlets and JSP, Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual InterDev 6.0 for ASP and Microsoft FrontPage. Databases MSAccess, MySQL and Oracle.

* UnilesteMG [March/2000 – September/2000]:

Technical support for teachers, staff and other students. Hardware maintenance in school laboratories.
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