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Analyst and Developer at Argeniss

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* Argeniss (Programas informáticos): Mobile application development from scratch,  in two projects using Xamarin cross platform, making native implementations, renders, custom views, and custom controls according to the needs
Using: SQLite, Linq, Simple Injector, Reducto, Automapper, Xamarin.Forms, MVVM pattern and scrum methodology.
Libraries: BlinkID for xamarin forms, Card.IO, ZXing, XLabs

Also using tools like SourceTree (Git) with Gitblit, Trello, Bitbucket and Mingle.

* Argeniss (Programas informáticos): Analyst and Java/Web Developer in social intelligence project.

Technologies used: JQuery, BackboneJS, JSON, Spring and SpringSocial, Twitter API, Facebook API, Apache Maven, Postgress SQL, SVN.
Tools used: Jboss, PGAdmin, Eclipse Indigo, Bugzilla, Redmine

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