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I'm Ramiro, from Argentina. I'm 25 and I'm currently pursuing a degree in Software Engineering. I also ended an Associate Degree in Business Economics a few years ago.

Apart from software development, I'm professionaly interested in mathematics, physics, logic, economics, philosophy and cosmology. I'm also bilingual, since I can handle both english and spanish fluently, with the later being my native language.

I work in a software development company in my native town - Santa Fe, Argentina - at the time, and enhancing day by day my skills in software development, with great interest in front-end web development. I'm used to working  in teams, and I'm always prone to be a decission maker while working in groups.

My hobbies are singing, writing, watching films (I'd say that I'm a cinephile), and I greatly enjoy riding in bicycle, which is my main transport method.

I'm pursuing the goal of getting some freelance work and getting in touch with people from all around the world with the main objective of improving my social skills and add more value to my personal and professional career.
Historia laboral
Software Developer | Folder IT

July 2015 - Currently:
Working in association with Mobilize.net in the migration of the "OneSource Tax Provision" integrated system for Thomson Reuters Corporation. Our team at  Folder IT works with members of Mobilize.net in Costa Rica in the migration process.

October 2014 - June 2015:
Worked with an internal team of 3 people in the adaptative and corrective maintenance of "Nova" system, belonging to Sancor Seguros Argentina SA, which is used to manage insurance policies, losses and client for the company. less

Frontend Developer | PRO Systems

January 2014 - October 2014
Worked for PRO-Systems, a company located in Paraná, Argentina in a freelance contract in the migration of a system of purchase order management owned by  Perisic Builders Inc. The migration consisted in providing a new web frontend with HTML5+CSS3+AngularJS+Bootstrap technologies, which worked consuming and generating data through a propietary API belonging to HomeDepot Inc.

Information Technician | Ministerio de Salud, Provincia de Santa Fe

April 2013 - April 2014
Worked as an intern in a government dependency, the Ministry of Health, of the Santa Fe province in Argentina at the IT Help Desk.
The main  purpose at my possition was the deployment of new workstations equiped with free and open-source software systems and applications, after a government resolution ruled the usage of such technologies in all the government dependencies of the province.
Other tasks were carreid at the position, and all of them were related with the provision of assistance in the usage of informatic technologies to the employees at the ministry building and some related dependencies of it and the maintenance of the informatic equipment.

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