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Holistic vision of IT with strong orientation toward strategic thought and business alignment. Result-oriented management style with ability to overcome challenges.
Successful management of corporate projects, generating effective benefits for the company, getting recognition and prominence.
Making use of my experience, business perception and ability to establish contacts, I promoted sales of sizeable informatics solutions, such as: Corporate Helpdesks, Outsourcing for software factory and projects, working with clients such as: Itau Bank, Safra Bank, Sudameris Bank, Santos Bank, AGF, HP, Voith, Porto Seguro, EDS, Alpargatas, Submarino, Carrefour and others. I succeeded, furthermore, in expanding the market share of the companies I worked with, performing as developer of business opportunities.
I have extensive knowledge in Team, Projects and Business Management, as well as ability to connect with several hierarchical levels within the informatics environment and a good feeling to detect business opportunities and solutions for the fulfillment of varied needs.
Specialties: Ability to explore and understand the real needs of customers to offer the best solution
Historia laboral
I have 40 years of experience, initially in the technical area, starting as DBA and coming to Support Manager. Over the last 27 years, I have been involved in consultative services for companies of various sizes and segments, working on understanding needs and processes, evaluating, designing, suggesting, marketing and implementing solutions that involve innovation or sustainability of existing solutions.
I have a successful career of well-done jobs.
I was a member of the Technical Advisory Council of Anhembi Morumbi Universities, for the IT area.
For 3 years I have been studying new technologies like Big Data, E-Commerce / B2B, Cloud, APPs and others. I have the capacity to absorb new knowledge, I accept and I like challenges, besides going deep in the dedication to deliver projects or solutions with quality.
Able to set up and manage multidisciplinary teams, to assemble solutions, involving partners and suppliers, having the ability to solve conflicts and learn from mistakes, mitigating or eliminating their propagation.
I transmit confidence to clients and partners of any hierarchical level.
Implemented improvements and commercial and process solutions in companies from the private and public sector, in the financial, telecom, commerce and services sectors, including change management and restructuring of environments.
Elaboration and implementation of Strategic Plans evaluating and implanting processes with vision in the quality.

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