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The aim of this message is to offer my consulting services in improving work processes since I am experienced in do this. I am Bachelor´s Degree in Experimental Biology. I have got deep knowledge in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine and worked with MSCs lines, mainly DPSCs. This has allowed me to carry out several projects with clinical trials in vitro and Phase I and to improve work processes for other companies as Stem Cell Banks in order to make them more efficent and low cost.

After that, I started my own business company which offers translation services, proofreading, interpretating and other services in digital marketing and also writing.

The challenge of starting a company has allowed me to develop several management skills and strategies to have a successful company.  I am always opened to acquire new knowledge and I can also help you reinforce other necessities in your company through the services my start-up offers. Since I am entrepreneur, I understand exactly what the value of each job position, duty and role in the company is.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Dennisse Alvarez
Historia laboral
2014 – 2016
Strategies of expansion
Negotiation for new projects 

-Improvement in work processes 

2012 - 2014 INDEBIOC S. A de C.V
-Development of operational work processes
-Conferencist in the use and applications of stem cells in the regenerative medicine 
-Research and updating of advances in the regenerative medicine 

2008 – 2012
-Conferencist in museum "Gota del Agua" -Auxiliar in different cultural activities

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