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Die-hard IT services support and security professional, skilled at the leadership of highly technical teams. Capable of good interaction with both strategic and tactical levels. Long-experienced in infrastructure management, with emphasys on virtualization, networking and Linux servers. Well-versed in programming languages.
Interested in relocation to USA. I share the american passion for entrepreneurship & self-motivation, and its KISS, no-frills culture.
Historia laboral
* Instituto Infnet (Higher Education): Winner of four editions of "Top Desempenho" ("Top Performance") award, granted by Instituto Infnet to its best performing personnel through election by its alumni).

* CFZD Tecnologia (Computer & Network Security): Working as a contractor on projects like: TLS E-mail Operation at Mongeral Seguros e Previdência; Secure POS at Dufry Duty Free Shop; SIEM Implementation at Colchões Ortobom; Internet Security & Policing projects at Casseta & Planeta and FXPB Advogados Associados; RHCE training for Red Hat do Brasil and Connectcom.

* Unimed Federação RJ (Hospital & Health Care): IT regional support manager, responsible for: migration of WAN technology from frame relay to MPLS, cutting network costs by 50%; SCO Openserver to Linux migration, eliminating licensing and external support costs; designer of state-wide VoIP architecture, adopted as a nation-wide organizational standard; IT support processes ITIL-based redesign; national IT policy development for healthcare systems regulatory compliance (ANS).

* Instituto Infnet (Higher Education) [desde 2/2012]: Conception, outline and writing of Linux (OSS), Information Security and Distributed Systems courses, which are part of Infnet's IT Management graduation.

* TIM Brasil SA (Telecommunications) [desde 4/2005]: Security design, implementation and audit on the TIM Brasil corporate network. Security assessments in Oracle 9i BSC, ARS Remedy and Clarify live databases, all counting 1000+ users. Patch management for 6000+ MS Windows desktops and servers. Security assessments and pen-testing for pre-production systems. Manager of Checkpoint firewalls and Cisco routers in LatAm and co-manager of security deployments related to the LatAm - Europe backbone.

* Unimed Federação RJ (Hospital & Health Care) [desde 8/2004]: Support services for more than 120 UNIX servers (Linux, SCO OpenServer, AIX, HP/UX); Cisco routers and switches administration; Linux-based PPP links design and implementation for dozens of branch offices; IT security design (organizational policy and operational procedures).

* Universidade Iguaçu (Higher Education) [desde 5/2001]: Systems and network administration for a University WAN (state-wide, 5 sites connected by frame relay links). IBM AIX and SCO OpenServer to Linux migration, with elimination of licensing and external support costs. IT security procedures design and implementation.

* PREVINI (Government Administration) [desde 6/2000]: Network (Linux) and database (IBM DB/2) administration. Branch office's network design and interconnection.
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